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Updated 11/04/2023

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Zenoah engine and parts pricing varies with the value of the dollar against the yen which dictates our purchase
price from Japan
Al Chianelli in Vietnam VungRo Bay 1967-1968  YouTube Video

340 Zenoah PUM Modified - $565

Call or E-Mail for More Information


Walbro 1027 NAMBA and IMPBA approved for stock class wt 257 replacement.  same specs, tuning etc, supplied by Zenoah Complete as shown. $39


Zenoah 20 PUM..20cc, EZ pull recoil, carb, Zenoah Ignition, all Zenoah
Motor mount with throttle linkage included at No Charge, While supplies last $175

Zenoah 300 PUM with 1048 Carb $240

Wallys Midwest Rigger +

BH Hanson 310 Engine Hit Over

100 MPH

2023 Gas Nationals
2022 Gas Nationals Twin Rigger Final - Chris Shepherd 1st Place
Chris Shepherds Twin Rigger Powered by BH Hanson on TikTok
Chris Shepherds BH Hanson Powered Twin Rigger Takes 1st Place at the Sycamore District 13 Grand Prix Race
Hi-Jacker Sport Hydro Powered by BH Hanson +1 Stroker 270 PUM Torquer - You Tube Video

Kyle Kings Whiplash GV Powered by BH Hanson 300 Pro Mod - You Tube Video


BH Hanson 300 3D MAX In Miniature Aircraft  Whiplash Gas G-II With Special Miniature Aircraft Zimmermann Muffler You Tube Video

Straight Pull Isolator Intake Block BVM Fuel Mixture Control
Aeromarine Stuffing Tube Seal 320 PUM Top End Repair Kit
Zenoah 320 PUM Straight Pull Isolator Intake Block
300 PUH 3D Max Whiplash Gasser Muffled Tuned Exhaust

"Click on each item above to see parts list for current picture & pricing"


New Zenoah 34cc with the addition +2 PUM crankshaft (Not 2.8 crank)

Turn your 32 into a 34cc higher performance engine with just the addition of the crankshaft +2 crankshaft alone $53

340 PUM engine with 1048 Carb and +2 crankshaft installed $355
"You Tube Video of Above Engine"
340 PUM Pro Mod engine with 1048 Carb, +2 crankshaft and performance mod $530

...Add On's...

Modified .565 Carb at time of purchase $25
Billet transfer port plate for increased flow $55

K3-WYTA Carburetor Diaphragm Kit

Authentic Walbro kits to eliminate the effects of Ethanol on the pump diaphragm $20



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