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Zenoah engine and parts pricing varies with the value of the
dollar against the yen which dictates our
purchase price from Japan
Al Chianelli in Vietnam VungRo Bay 1967-1968  YouTube Video
35CC Zenoah PUM Modified $575

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Zenoah - G320-PUM


Zenoah 20 PUM..20cc, EZ pull recoil, carb,  Zenoah Ignition, all Zenoah
Motor mount with throttle linkage included at No Charge, While supplies last $175

Kyle Kings Whiplash GV Powered by BH Hanson 300 Pro Mod -  YouTube Video



Wallys Midwest Rigger Powered by

BH Hanson 310 Engine Hit Over 100 MPH


K3-WYTA Carburetor Diaphragm Kit

Authentic Walbro kits to eliminate the effects of Ethanol on the pump diaphragm - $20

BH Hanson 300 3D MAX In

Miniature Aircraft

 Whiplash Gas G-II With Special

Miniature Aircraft Zimmermann

Muffler - You Tube Video


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