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Marine Engine - Product Line

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320 PUM Clutch w/Hard Linkage

320 PUM w/Cable Linkage


320 PUM (NO Carb) $245
320 PUM Pro Mod - Lightened piston, modified exhaust and intake port and timing, compression increase, head modification, 1048 Carb.   8+ MPH increase shown in testing over a stocker $485
340 PUM with the addition of +2 Zenoah crank, no modification other then crank install 1048 carb $355
340 PUM with our full modifications and Carb $565
Modified 1048 Carb at time of engine purchase, add $25
Big Bore 1107 prime ball Carb at time of engine purchase $30
320 Clutch assembly, choice of round or square drive $128
B.H. Hanson 320 motor mounts with throttle linkage $59
B.H. Hanson throttle cable $15.50
Install pressure tap for water pump $15

260 - 310 PUM Pro Mod Modified

Modifications Include:

Adjusted Intake & Exhaust Timing, Enlarged Exhaust & Intake Window Areas, Enlarged Transfer Ports, M-Cut Lightweight Piston &  Balanced Flywheel - Shown with optional clutch, throttle linkage and motor mount.


260 PUM Pro Mod 1048 Carb


300 PUM Pro Mod 1048 Carb


NEW 310 PUM Pro Mod2+2 - 2mm Stroker Crank 30.5cc1048 Carb, all Zenoah parts

Modified 1048 & 1027 Carb at time of engine purchase, add $25
Charlie O - Ballistic
Rick R - Awesome Power!!
Sprint Cat 310 Video https://youtu.be/Nj5S9JlIqN0

JG V4 Hemi Front Intake/ Rear Exhaust Engine RTR


JG V4 Hemi 29.5cc

This engine has had a redesign with a 4 bolt crankcase, V4 top end, billet piston, billet motor mounts, EZ pull recoil, flex steel header, collet. Professionally assembled JG Billet engine with coils, 257 recommended Carb, complete and ready to run.  "As Shown"   $1200
(Out of Stock From Manufacturer)

Complete Engine with J&G Top End Ready to Run


Zenoah 260 PUM ,balanced flywheel, mod piston 34mm JG top end , 1027 Carb (Out of Stock From Manufacturer) $540
Zenoah 300 PUM (29.5cc) with balanced flywheel, mod piston, 1048 Carb 36mm JG top end, EZ pull recoil $555
EZ pull recoil add $20

Zenoah 200 PUM E.I.


This little powerhouse is smaller and lighter then other Zenoah PUM engines, but even in stock form , puts out about as much power as a 231 PUM.  It can use mounts made for a standard Zenoah PUM with easy modification, and the exhaust port bolt spacing and size is the same as standard Zenoah. It is supplied as shown with WT 811Carb, velocity stack, RCXL ignition box with no rev limiter and EZ pull recoil which has the untrimmed starter pawl for easier motor mount fabrication and better engagement. $210
(This engine has been discontinued by Zenoah, stock is very low)

260 PUM No Carb


260 PUM 644 Choke Carb

260 PUM 1027 Carb $225
260 PUM 1048 Carb $225
270 PUM Zenoah 1mm Stroker crank installed, 26.4cc no Carb...1/2 HP Gain with the addition of the stroker crank (maintains stock outward appearance) $265
270 PUM Pro Mod 1mm Stroker crank installed 26.4 cc 1048 or 1027 Carb $455
300 PUM Factory installed 1mm Stroker 29.5 cc 1048 Carb $240
1mm Zenoah Stroker crank for PU engines $46
2mm Zenoah Stroker crank for PU engines $46
RC 1 mm Stroker Crank $44
RC 2 mm Stroker Crank $44
290 PUM Top End Kit $70
EZ Pull Recoil Kit $34