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Customer Pictures
2023 IMPBA District 13 - 25th Grand Prix Anniversary
  John Bookers BH Hanson Engines Dominate, Open Single Engine Hydro - LSG 23-30 Sport Hydro - LSG 23-30 Rigger  
2023 Texas Shootout
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Here are a few photos.  The winners of your engines and the Zenoah hats.  The third picture is the Gas scale winners.  I'm including it because I won the class using your engine.  We had 12 gas scales. I think it's the biggest turn out for that class ever.

We talked you up a bunch and people were amazed at your generous donation.  Thanks again for everything! Fred Jr.

Chris Shepherd's BH Hanson Powered Twin Rigger Takes 1st Place at the Sycamore District 13 Grand Prix Race
Johnny Adams - Al I won the twin class at voodoo 3 years in a row.

H-san & Al

In Memory of Butch "The Boatman"