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NEW BH Hanson Clutch

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Parts & Accessories

Aircraft, Marine, Cars & Go-Ped 

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Safety Hub
Our CNC machined replacement prop hub fits all G23, 231 and 260 PU engines. It is designed to eliminate the problem of the weak one piece necked down stud that comes as standard equipment on the PU engines. This design allows you to tighten the prop bolt securely without the worry of snapping the stud. Comes as shown with all high grade hardware.  $43.50

Helicopter Filters

Hi-Flow filter with integral velocity stack, washable and re-useable.  Stack available with or without choke.

High flow filter with stack $27

High flow filter with choke/stack $32

Replacement high flow filter only $12

Zenoah Low Drag Coated Pistons
34 & 36mm Pistons Available with Fluorine/Graphite Coating
34mm Piston $18.50

36mm Piston $21.50


Our mounts are constructed of 5/32 6061 T6 aluminum and are virtually indestructible, unlike the soft alloy imports that will bend and strip out with ease.  These mounts are light weight and are designed with the racer in mind. They are water jet cut and mandrel formed with a generous radius bend for additional strength.   The mount top is open for accurate coil gap adjustment at the lake and the recoil side hole is sized so the Zenoah EZ pull recoil pulley will clear when it is shortened allowing the recoil to be mounted directly to the mount plate without spacers.  The mount rubber durometer is specified by us for rigidity while still allowing good vibration absorption.  All parts are proudly made in the U.S.A.

 Quick Release Mount for Zenoah 231 thru 300 and 320 PUM

No coil relocation bracket is necessary with our throttle linkage

Zenoah 320-PUM

Price is $55 and includes throttle linkage and all stainless mounting hardware

For Zenoah 231 thru 300-PUM


Without throttle linkage $48

With throttle linkage $55

Includes all stainless mounting hardware



NEW BH Hanson Clutch

This new clutch comes with a billet housing and a ventilated metal clutch bell
It's supplied with Zenoah clutch shoes, clutch housing, all mounting hardware and Aeromarine collet with your choice of round or square drive.
The clutch is designed to be used with one of our clutch mounts or any mount using the Zenoah bolt pattern. $120
Clutch Mounts Drop Mount Mid Mount Extended Mid Mount Short

BH Hanson Clutch Mounts

Choose one of our three drive side mounts to go with our rear mounts to best suit your application  Clutch Mount Complete $48.50
When using the bellcrank style throttle linkage on the Zenoah 260 to 300 engine; it will be necessary to relocate the spark coil (Grey) under the Carburetor.  Complete package includes modified clutch housing to accept throttle linkage, throttle linkage and coil re-locator bracket. $28
If wanting to use the cable type throttle linkage, no modification is needed.  Cable linkage $15.50

Quick Change Mount for Zenoah 20 PUM

Quick change mount complete with isolation rubbers, throttle linkage with Carburetor arm and mounting hardware.  Designed so no removal of drive side flywheel is necessary and clearance for EZ pull recoil and pickup.  EZ pull recoil pawl shown as an example but not included. You must use the full length recoil pawl as shown in the above left.
Our engines are supplied with the correct length starter pawl. $52

Cradle Mount

B.H. Hanson Clutch Mount


Lightweight mount with vertical rubbers for 5 inch rails $52.95


This quick change mount above is designed specifically for our Pro Clutch.  The mounts is vertically slotted for quick engine removal and getting exact shaft  alignment. The compact design allows you to get rearward engine placement without radio box clearance problems. Sold as a set with all mounting hardware. Shown with a throttle linkage to replace our cable system. Mount Set only $48.50  Throttle linkage $15.95 Also shown is the cylinder fitting installed for water pump pulse pressure.

Lawless Outboard Outdrive

This R Mfg. billet outdrive is designed for large scale boats needing outboard power and a Zenoah style gasoline engine. Aftermarket engine types will fit also as long as they use the Zenoah front bolt spacing. It is supplied with all necessary parts to assemble the lower end and all mounting parts to secure it to the hull transom and engine. An extra flex shaft and guide tube is included. You will need to supply an engine, exhaust system, propeller and throttle cable.  supplies of this custom made part will be limited. $495

Outboard Accessories
Spare flex cable and guide Tube - $10
36 inch throttle cable - $24.95
Heli style muffler with mounting hardware , great for stock engines - $29.95
eZ-Pull Starter - $29
Coil Re-locater Bracket - $9.95

Add one of our Stock or Modified engines for a complete setup

Coil Relocation Bracket

Replacement Mount Rubbers

Use this bracket when you need to move your spark coil from under the Carb. Comes in black anodized or natural finish. Complete with mounting hardware as shown. $9.95
3/4 x 1 inch with 1/4-20 thread. ..... $4 ea, 4 for $15

5/8 x 5/8 inch with 1/4-20 thread.... $3.50 ea, 4 for $13

1/2 x 5/8 inch with 8/32 thread........ $3 ea, 4 for $11

Water Pump

Water Pump, operated by crankcase pressure. A must for engines using a clutch. New pump design with rear intake and forward facing pulse and exit line. Comes with extended case bolts and lock nuts for rail mounting ,Tygon line and pulse fitting. New lower pricing. $34.95
Also available, Carb isolator block with fitting properly installed for bolt on application shown on right. $13.95

Throttle Linkage
Bellcrank throttle linkage w/ bracket, Carb arm, bell
crank, clevis and rod  (Available for Left or Right Side Mounting  (Please specify when ordering) - $16.95

Flexible Throttle Cable

Versatile for use in any application - $15.50

Metal Isolator Blocks

Metal Carb block for 200PU engine to replace plastic block.  Provides a positive seal . No more cracked blocks or issues from over tightening. Supplied with .030 lazar cut teflon gaskets  $29.95

Metal Carb block ..fits Zenoah 23-29cc engine and others using the same bolt spacing,  Matches engine and Carburetor for improved airflow. Supplied with thick teflon gaskets. Standard equipment on all BHHP Pro Plus and 3D Max Heli engines. $29.95  standard block shown on right. Torque block shown on left $34.95

Billet Aluminum Isolator Block for Zenoah 320. $37


Straight Pull Isolator Intake Block

This isolator block allows you to rotate your Carburetor and use a straight rod directly to the servo.  It eliminates the need to use a separate throttle linkage or coil re-locator.  There are two Carburetor mounting positions.  one for straight pull toward the recoil side for aircraft use and one position with a 10 degree down angle towards the output side for marine use while maintaining a straight linkage to the radio box. The aluminum Carburetor arm is drilled for a standard clevis.  It comes with ISO block, Teflon gaskets , all mounting hardware and Carb arm as shown.  Specify throttle shaft size when ordering or Carburetor number.  Introductory priced at $39.95 plus shipping.

This recoil starter is designed to replace the recoil on any PU based engine. It sits approximately 1/2 inch taller then a regular starter. When you pull the cord, you wind a spring that transfers the energy to the engine eliminating the jerky feeling of a regular starter. This is especially useful for Helicopter and outboard engine use with light mounting. $34

Fuel Bag  
With a 16 ounce capacity, this fuel bag will solve the problem of water in your tank after a blow over because it's sealed and requires no venting. This bag works with all Carburetors and mounts easily between your rails using the pre punched mounting flaps. - $7.50


As shown above our Custom or Modified Carb's are precision machined with a bellmouth face and recessed stainless mounting hardware for increased airflow and sell for $58

We stock  WT 1048, 257, 643, 644, 603, 811, 990 Carburetors.  Sale price will vary depending on our purchase price

WT 1048 - $36
WT 257 - $33.50

Aeromarine Stuffing Tube Seal
Aeromarine has always striven to bring you the latest in innovative R/C Marine products. The NEW STS is no exception. The explosion of today's new electric setups have sparked its own set of obstacles to overcome. Hulls need to be virtually hermetically sealed to prevent damage to expensive electronic components. Even the most seasoned builders have trouble with the elusive sealing of the stuffing box tube.  Not anymore! Extensive trial and error testing lead the way to our NEW  Patent Pending STS (Shaft Tube Seals) design. Compact and made of the BEST materials and bearings available. Install this fitting on the end of your stuffing box tube, the precision collar on the shaft, and your tube is sealed from any water entering the hull. Oil fitting is incorporated allowing for easily oiling the shaft between runs without ever taking the shaft out!  High Speed Bearings allows for a frictionless seal. $26.95

Collets & Drives  
Stainless collet for use with our clutch or for engine use when combined with one of our Nose Cones. Available with round or square drive insert - comes with mounting stud show in front on far right) - $17.95
Brass square drive for use with our clutch or for engine use when combined with one of our Nose Cones...comes with mounting stud - $17.50
Stainless drive with machined taper for engine use. Comes with mounting screw. Available with round or square drive insert - $16.95
One piece aluminum square drive...comes with mounting stud - $24.95
Nose Cone for use with stainless collet or brass square drive. Choice of colors as shown - $9.95
Collet insert, square or round - $6.95
Crank Stud - $1

Engine Tools

A flywheel puller and piston stop are must have accessories if you do your own engine work. The use of these parts ensures that you don't twist your crankshaft out of true when removing your flywheel, prop hub or recoil pulley and makes service much easier. These parts are heavy duty and supplied by Zenoah. Puller assembly $41.99
Piston Stop $14.99

Electronic Ignitions  


These efficient systems are made for conversion or replacement of existing ignitions
This kit is made to use 4.8-6 volt battery source. It is designed  for the standard RZ7C type spark plug. It comes with ignition box, hall sensor, universal sensor mount, switch pigtail, wire loom cover and RZ7C spark plug. $55 Shipped " Left "
This kit is made for direct replacement of the Zenoah ignition box offering lower current draw  for longer battery life. The connector supplied plugs directly into the Zenoah hall sensor and allows usage of an inline Stator Gator.  It comes with ignition box, switch pigtail, wire loom, Iridium ICM-6 spark plug. $60 Shipped "right "

Switch with Charge Receptacle Plug



Radio switch with built in charge receptacle that is dirt protected behind a sliding door. Included is the switch assembly with Futaba J type ends, gasket, inner plate and mounting screws. $7.95