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Sale Items

Zenoah 300 PUM with 1048 Carb - $240

 Zenoah engine and parts pricing varies with the value of the dollar against the yen
which dictates our purchase price from Japan. This is a good time to stock up.

Zenoah RC 28mm Stroke Crank Shafts


Brand New Take Outs

Genuine Zenoah RC 28mm stroke crank shafts, they fit engines from 230RC -290RC.

The price is for (2) with priority shipping included in the U.S. $35
Truing service is available at $10 - per crank

Zenoah 290/300 PUM Top End Kit


This kit contains everything you need to convert your Zenoah 260 PUM to a 290 PUM, 28.5cc.
Sale Priced at $70
With the addition of a 1mm Zenoah stroker crank, $40 you will have a 300 PUM.

PU Crankcase


231-300 PUM, PUH,  PU Crankcase, Bare.  Special purchase.  $28

Zenoah 260 PUM Top End Kit


Genuine Zenoah parts to use for modification or repair.
The kit comes as shown with 260 PUM cylinder, piston, piston ring, water jacket o-rings, wrist pin spacers, wrist pin clips ,base gasket. Fits Zenoah 260 PUM. May fit Zenoah clones. $46

Zenoah RC Top End Kit


This kit will upgrade your 230RC to a 260RC, or serve as a repair kit for your 260RC. All new genuine Zenoah parts. included are cylinder, piston, piston ring, cylinder gasket, wrist pin, wrist pin clips, spark plug. This kit may fit many Zenoah clones. $45

Zenoah 260 PUH


New in box with muffler, air filter, 643 Carburetor.  Use for a new Heli engine, repair parts for your Zenoah PUM marine engine or add a prop hub to make it an aircraft engine.  $310

Zenoah-20 PUM


Zenoah 20 PUM..20cc, EZ pull recoil, Carb, Zenoah Ignition, all Zenoah accessories, Motor mount with throttle linkage included at No Charge,  While supplies last.  $175

Zenoah 20 E.I. take-offs


These are new parts removed from Zenoah 20 EI engines.  They may have a tool mark on some of them from removal, but are as new and unused.  This will save you BIG $$ off retail if you need these parts.  It there's something else you need,  call for pricing. We do quality repairs also and give fast service.  Supply will be limited on these parts.
20 E.I. Prop hub including Hub with sensor, Prop washer, Nut, mounting stud. CALL
20 E.I. Muffler.  $10
20 or 26 E.I. ignition box CALL

Zenoah 200 PU



Zenoah 200PU - Aircraft Engine