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Klotz Oil
Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil | ATV | Rocky ... Klotz R 50 PreMix TechniPlate Oil - 2-Stroke Oil - 32oz ...


The philosophy of Klotz is clear: we will settle for nothing short of perfection. To do this, our engineers apply the newest materials and components, develop original techniques, and employ the most precise blending procedures available.

A lubricant can never be better than the sum of its parts. That is why our TechniPlate Lubricity System™ blends the highest quality synthetics in a precise manner. The lubricating molecules are electrochemically bonded to protect engines from molecular shearing and power robbing friction for superior overall performance. The quality synthetics we use and our manufacturing process create a lubricant that is extremely thermally stable. Clean Burn™ technology reduces Carbon residue for lower maintenance and continued peak performance.

Our tradition of race testing our products continues to this day. By the time a product reaches you it has spent countless hours on the track and many grueling workouts on the dyno. Our state of the art facility enables us to provide a high quality and consistent product, so that when you see the Klotz name, you know the product you’re getting.

Performance: Thousands of racers and performance enthusiasts have relied on Klotz for winning performance. We maintain our reputation by continuing to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our racers and our consumers. Our line of products covers marine,
SkiCraft®, automotive, motorcycle, kart, snowmobile, and RC model markets. It is our goal to serve you by providing the highest quality product, with the most consistency, for exactly the application you need it for.