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What's New
New Zenoah 34cc with the addition +2 PUM crankshaft ( not 2.8 crank turn your 32 into a 34cc higher performance engine with just the addition of the crankshaft +2 crankshaft alone $53
340 PUM engine with 1048 Carb and +2 crankshaft installed $355

"You Tube Video of Above Engine"

340 PUM Pro Mod engine with 1048 Carb, +2 crankshaft and performance mod $530

...Add On's...

Modified .565 Carb at time of purchase $25
Billet transfer port plate for increased flow $55
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K3-WYTA Carburetor Diaphragm Kit

Authentic Walbro kits to eliminate the effects of Ethanol on the pump diaphragm $20