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About Us

Thank you for taking time to look at our web site.  Whether your a beginning hobbyist or experienced R/C'er looking for improved performance for your R/C boat or helicopter, you'll find B.H. Hanson products right for you. We take pride in our products by offering the latest technology coupled with the B.H. Hanson reputation for reliability and quality.

No hype, No false claims! Only the very highest quality products on the market with the best reputation!

B.H. Hanson has been in the RC Model Engine business since 1990. We were the first to produce a high performance Zenoah Marine Engine. Before the introduction of the Hanson / Zenoah Engine, exciting gasoline racing did not exist. The new, smaller sized marine engine is the result of the collaboration between B.H. Hanson and Komatsu Zenoah. We designed the water-cooled modification. Zenoah used our specifications to produce a smaller, more powerful engine that has yet to be surpassed by any competitor.

Customer service and support are just as important as the engine or accessories. B.H. Hanson has been providing superior products and customer service since 1990, with satisfied customers referring their friends and fellow hobbyist to us year after year. Our technicians are here to help you and will stay in contact with you to insure that your product works the way YOU expect it to.

Let us prove to you why our customers are so satisfied with our quality, service, and value!

Whether it's your first R/C project, your best racer, or just a simple accessory for your existing engine, we'll be here to take care of your needs. For fast, easy ordering please call us or e mail us.

Sincerely, Al Chianelli, Proprietor & USA Veteran