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High Performance Cylinder Kits
Air Cooled & Marine
Air Cooled

Modified Big Bore Kit


Our most powerful RC 260 hop up. Cylinder is milled for higher compression, intake and exhaust timings are raised with larger machined exhaust window, lightweight relieved and skirted piston for highest RPM and better breathing , piston ring, gaskets and clips. This kit will update your 230 RC with the addition of a longer wrist pin and will fit 260 RC's and inferior Zenoah clones $144.50

Big Bore Kit


The fastest and cheapest way to add power to your Zenoah 230 RC is to make it a big bore 260. This Zenoah kit comes complete as shown and will also work on the Zenoah "clone" engines that need repair because of poor quality cylinder chroming.  Do it right the first time...insist on genuine Zenoah parts.  Bore Up Kit. - $45

Zenoah 290 RC Top End Repair/ Upgrade Kit


This kit will repair the 4 bolt top end of a 290RC or upgrade a  240 or 270 RC to a 290RC all parts shown are included. $65

Zenoah 240-270 RC Top End Repair/ Upgrade Kit


Zenoah 240-270 RC top end repair/ upgrade kit. This kit will repair the 4 bolt top end of a 270RC or upgrade the 240 to a 270all parts as shown included  $55


JG V4 HEMI Top End Kit


JG Cylinder Kit comes with all parts you need with the exception of the piston to Hot Rod your stock 231-300 PUM engine to an advertised 6 to 7 + HP engine.  This new kit has increased transfer port area with 4 transfer ports and 6 liner windows, larger intake port and 2 rib exhaust port window for increased power and torque with increased high RPM performance.  The V4 is available in 34mm and 36 mm bore .  Add one of our  specially machined lightweight relieved skirted pistons to complete the package.
34 or 36mm Top End Kit  - $375
BH Hanson Special Piston with top end purchase. $35

Complete Engine with J&G Top End Ready to Run

Zenoah 260 PUM ,balanced flywheel, mod piston 34mm top end , 257 carb $540
EZ pull recoil add $15.00.

Zenoah 300 PUM (29.5cc) with balanced flywheel, mod piston, 1048 carb 36mm top end, EZ pull recoil.  $555

JG Bottom End Kit


This kit is designed to work with the JG V2 of V3 Hemi top end kit to turn your engine into a front intake/rear exhaust engine.. The kit comes as shown with bottom end with 4 bearings and low drag seals, motor mounts, billet piston, special wrist pin and clips, water cooled header flange with header for 7/8th  pipes, re timed flywheel, angled carburetor mount, your choice of round or square drive collet, gaskets and necessary hardware.  Advertised horsepower is 6.5 with 19,500 RPM capability. $595

320 PUM Top End Repair Kit


Zenoah 320 PUM repair kit. Kit includes instructions and all parts shown. $70

Zenoah 290/300 PUM Top End Kit


This kit contains everything you need to convert your Zenoah 260 PUM to a 290 PUM, 28.5cc.  Sale Priced at $60
With the addition of a 1mm Zenoah stroker crank, $40, you will have a 300 PUM.

260 PUM Pro-Mod Kit


This upgrade kit will give a nice power increase for a sport boater or weekend racer.

The kit comes as shown and includes a Zenoah cylinder that has been modified for compression, exhaust and intake timing with transfer port pocket porting, a lightened relieved Zenoah piston, new piston ring, clips, engraved water jacket with   drilled fittings, intake block, all o-rings, mounting hardware, gaskets and spark plug. $160.00


Add one of our exhaust systems and a high performance Walbro 929 carb for a complete high performance kit. $295


260 PUM Top End Kit


Kit include all parts as shown  $42

231 PUM Top End Kit


Kit include all parts as shown  $32